You are free to download a copy of yaf! under the restrictions of the GNU General Public License.

What's yaf!?

yaf! stand for Yet Another Fotoalbum! and is just another photo album CGI script. To motivate it: I just bought a digital (still-)photo camera and need some tool to use as archive. There are some other tools around, but I didn't find any that fit my needs.

The script itself is a tool for the fotoalbum's administrator. You can use it to produce nice webpages to let your friends view all your holiday photos.

Security warning! After you installed this CGI script, you grant access to you filesystem for all users which can access this script. So you may want to restrict the access with at least a passwort, e.g. use your web server (Apache) to use authentication.
Read here how to use authentication with Apache 2.0.



Sorry, no "1-click-technology", but: it's a 7-step-installation! :) As soon as possible I'll do a Makefile for installation.
  1. Create a directory that will contain all your photos somewhere in your home directory, e.g. "/home/dr/photos".
  2. Create a subdirectory called ".data": "mkdir /home/dr/photos/.data"
  3. Copy all pictures to this data directory, e.g. "cd yaf-RELEASE; cp *.jpg /home/dr/photos/.data/".
  4. Copy the files "yaf!.cgi" and "yaflang.pm" to a place where your web server (e.g. Apache) can find and accept it as CGI, e.g. "~/public_html/cgi-bin/"
  5. Edit the file "yaf!.cgi", esp. the line "my $fBase = 'XXX'" so that yaf! will find your directory created in step 1, e.g.: my $fBase = "/home/dr/photos";
  6. Copy some photo files into your private photo directory (see step 1).
  7. Read the security warning at the top of this page!
That's it. Open a web browser and open the CGI script.

Latest Release

Version 1.0.2 Release date: 18.01.2003


Project's homepage on SourceForge.net

Bugs? Problems?

In the unexpected case of getting into problems just contact me by email (please see the README file inside the tar-gz-file, this is just to avoid spam of web-robots).

I did not set up any mailing list. If this becomes necessary (e.g. by traffic) I'll do so.

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